If you’re thinking about starting an online business selling skate gear, this placeholder website is for sale as part of a package. Here’s what you get…

  • Website: This website, plus we will customise it for you (within reason) to suit your new business, and train you to use it.
  • Website hosting: We will host your website free of charge for the first year to help you get sorted.
  • Domain name: SkateShop.co.nz
  • 5 additional domain names to protect your investment and reduce the risk of me-too competition:
    • SkateShop.nz
    • SkateShop.net.nz
    • SkateStore.nz
    • SkateStore.co.nz
    • SkateStore.net.nz
  • Logo design: We will customise the logo on this site to suit your new business.
  • Web development: If you need eCommerce or custom web development, we will give you a discounted quote for doing that work.
  • SEO: We are really good at Search Engine Optimisation and will provide free support to get you going.
  • Business & marketing advice: We’ll give you valuable business and marketing advice to get you going. We’re happy to tailor a package for ongoing mentoring too. The depth of our experience is detailed below.


We can either lease everything to you for $248 per week (paid monthly) if you don’t have funding, or sell it to you outright for $22,800 if you do. We’re happy to discuss other options too.

About Us

SkateShop.co.nz is owned by Evolve Marketing Ltd. Evolve is a marketing agency that specialises in working with mid-market and smaller businesses. We do whatever it takes to help our clients grow their businesses.

Clients tend to stay with Evolve for a long time, which says it all really.

Evolve’s founder is Brandon Wilcox. His career ranges from Marketing Manager for Cadbury’s $80 million chocolate business to General Manager of a small $5 million business.

Partner Amanda Quennell is a designer with a background in advertising, including Saatchi & Saatchi, Coats Design, freelance finished artist with a graphic design co-operative, and studio manager at Mason Associates Advertising.

In short, we know our stuff and you’ll get great support.