Design a Professional Printed Skateboard Deck

By Joey Trujillo

I have been skateboarding for about 10 years. I always loved buying blank decks and placing my own designs on them. I always wished I could be able to professionally print my own designs without having to draw or spray paint them on.

I recently stumbled upon a website that you can design your own custom products. It’s called Zazzle. They have T-shirts, hats, hoodies, ties, and best of all, skateboards? Thats right. You can design your own skateboard! No more markers and spray paint. You can upload images from your computer to the website, and place them on skateboards or whatever you want to put them on. You can use software such as Photoshop or Illustrator to edit your designs.

The site is also free to sign up. You can even advertise your designs on the site. If someone purchases a product you designed, you get a commission. You can set the percent of commission you earn. The higher the percent of commission, the higher the retail price of your product. You can basically set up your own store on the site and advertise all your products with your designs. You could start your own skateboard brand if you wanted to. This site is great if you want design your own stuff and earn some money while doing so. Some members are making a full on living selling their custom designed products through this site. It’s great!

To see some designs I have done and learn more about this great website check out:

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