Buying The Right Skateboard For Your Child

So you have a child who wants his first skateboard, or maybe you have a child who’s been skating for a while and wants a new skateboard?

If you’re looking for your child’s first skateboard and they’re not too fussy, or you want to be sure the sport won’t just be a passing phase before you commit serious money to a fancy skateboard, you can get away with one of those sold at The Warehouse.

But if it’s someone who’s been skating for a while why not treat them to their very own skateboard creation from a professional skate shop?

It may be a bit more money than you were hoping to pay, but it’s well worth it when you let your own child make up their own personalised skateboard.

Most skate shops allow you to create your own board. This includes the board, wheels, trucks, and bearings. Each of these items your child will get to pick out especially for their own taste. It’s a really awesome process, and one that is fun to watch.

The board will be first, and you would be surprised at how many choices there are. Not only do you have different brands, but different images are printed on the back too. Other options are boards that don’t weigh as much, and some come in varying widths. Allowing your child to pick something themselves is a great feeling for them.

Next after the board they will have to pick out what type of trucks they want on their skateboard. These are the pieces of metal that hold the wheels to the board. And yes they have so many of these that it may actually take several minutes to go through the choices your child has.

Wheels are a very important part of the skateboard. Heck, without them it won’t work! These wheels can be in different colours to add to the look of the board. But they also come in different types too, made from different materials.

But you’re not done yet, after the wheels will come the choice of bearings. There are many different types of bearings, some of which allow the skateboard to perform better. Of course, if you choose a better option than the standard it will add more money to the total price.

Finally it’s the last step, then all you have to do is wait for it to be put together. Grip tape is like coarse sandpaper and comes in all kinds of colours, but most commonly black. The grip tape is applied to the board’s top surface and, as the name implies, provides a high-grip surface for your child’s feet to prevent slipping and make it possible to do tricks.

Some keen skaters make a stencil and spray paint a pattern onto the grip tape. Others cut the pattern out of the grip tape. Whether your child goes to those lengths or just runs with plain black grip tape, the end result will be a skateboard that is your child’s unique creation.

Yes, this will not be a cheap item for you to purchase. But trust me, it will be something your skater will cherish for a very long time.